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PAWA is a non-profit, non-industrial, apolitical professional association for all those who are working in and for protected areas in NSW, the ACT and Parks Australia.

Covering all classes of protected area whether it be private land, public land or land held in trust, we welcome all who are dedicated to protected areas to join us.


World ranger Day 2015

On 31st of July each year is World Ranger Day. A day in which we remember those comrades who have paid the ultimate price for conservation. This year Protected Area Workers Association of NSW (PAWA) is holding an online auction for the PAMS Foundation and the Rangers and Game Scouts of Tanzania who risk their lives on a daily basis to protect the wonderful environment of East Africa.

PAWA is auctioning two wonderful prizes donated by Snowy Mountains Region. A big thanks to them.

1. A weekends accommodation for two and cave tour at Yarrangobilly Caves (Reserve $400)
2. A weekends accommodation at Curango Homestead Precinct in the wonderful Daffodil Cottage, sleeps 5 (Reserve $250)

Where will the proceeds go?
All funds raised will be used for the PAMS Foundation Ruvuma Elephant Project which PAWA has been supporting since its inception with funding and donated equipment from OEH. Ruvuma is located in southern Tanzania, between the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania and the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique. The Selous-Niassa Ecosystem has been one of the hardest hit areas for ivory poaching in the world. In an area which has become an absolute slaughter field the Ruvuma Project has managed to reduce poaching by over 94% in its project area.

Why helping our fellow rangers is important
On-going funding is required to maintain operations. The project currently supports a pool of around 200 village games scouts or village rangers, of which about 70 are out on patrol or undertaking a special operation at any particularly time. The Game Scouts form patrol teams of around 7 people and go on patrols from 7 to 14 days in length. Each ranger gets paid around $8 a day for his efforts, and is given food, uniform and equipment. Much ex-NPWS uniform has found its way to Ruvuma however funds are needed to continue supporting these important patrols. The Game Scouts who are primarily subsistence farmers, when not out on patrol use the money earned from patrols to buy extra food for their families, pay for school fees and build/maintain their homes. This is hard, dangerous work with poachers often being armed. There have been deaths and reprisals against the scouts and so they need all the help they can get.

If you would like to make a bid on the on line auction items please email George Malolakis on malolakis4@bigpond.com

George will be collating bids and current bids for each item will be listed on the PAWA Facebook site. Bidders names will be kept confidential unless otherwise stated

SO PLEASE, dig deep and support this World Ranger Day Fundraiser. If you feel that you are not in the position to bid on the prizes but would like to donate to the PAMS Foundation and the Ruvuma Elephant Project donations can be made to into PAWA bank account.. PAWA NSW St George Bank Account

BSB 112-879 Account Number 483395544…specify “PAMS” when depositing.

Thanks everyone. Auction closes on World Ranger Day, 31st July 2015.





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