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PAWA Patron: Bob Carr

PAWA is honoured to have Bob Carr as our inaugural Patron. His achievements and passion for the environment are well known and make him a worthy patron.

The former Premier of NSW identifies himself with the contemporary issues of education and the environment; during his time as Premier, he oversaw the largest ever increase in the number and size of the State's protected areas.

"…I wish you well in your endeavours to provide leadership in the development of best practice and innovation in the conservation of the State's valuable natural and cultural resources; to provide a forum for members to share information, experience and expertise and to disseminate this information so others can take benefit; and enhance community understanding of the role and importance of properly protecting these most precious areas….."

What Is PAWA all about

The Protected Area Workers Association of NSW (PAWA) is an non-profit, non-industrial, apolitical professional association for protected area workers in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Australia's offshore territories.

A protected area worker is someone who works in a field operational position, or who directly supervises or supports the work of staff in field operational positions, that cares for protected areas, natural and cultural resource systems &/or the flora and fauna of NSW, ACT and Australian territories. This includes those working in government departments and agencies, and private agencies, organisations, collectives, societies, and trusts.

PAWA's constitution sets out who we are, who we represent, what we have set out to achieve.

PAWA's aims, objectives & affiliations

PAWA's aim is...

“to advance sustainable practices for the conservation of our natural and cultural resources. Natural and cultural resource management includes but is not limited to maintaining and enhancing biodiversity, culture and heritage, landscape enhancement and conservation, environmental interpretation, access and recreation.”

The objectives of PAWA:

  • promote and enhance the professions that collectively manage the protected areas in New South Wales and ACT
  • provide a forum for professional and social enrichment and foster professional exchange
  • provide education and other training to develop and or improve the knowledge and skills of protected area workers
  • provide a forum for discussion of common concerns of protected area workers, to share knowledge and communicate with the public to promote greater public benefit from their work
  • provide material assistance, education and other training to develop and improve the knowledge, skills, professional standards and the status of protected area workers in developing countries throughout the world

PAWA is affiliated with the Australian Ranger Federation and the International Ranger Federation

The ARF is a professional body supporting Rangers and other professional officers involved in the conservation and management of Australia’s natural resources which aims to advance sustainable management practices for the conservation and public enjoyment of our natural and cultural resources. In 2008, the ARF updated its structure to reflect the changing nature of its operations. An agreement was signed by all member associations to create the Council of Australian Ranger Associations. The council will still be known as the ARF, the Deed of Agreement sets out the new structure.

The goal of the IRF is to ‘provide a forum for rangers from around the world to share their successes and failures in protecting the world’s heritage and to promote information and technology transfer from countries in which protected area management enjoys broad public and government support to countries in which protected area management is less well supported’.


THE PAWA Committee

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George Malolakis

Vice Chair:
Josh Madden

Ann Walton

Steve Woodhall

Extension Officer:
Libby Lindsay

Web Editor :
David Burns

Committee Member: Holly North

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Committee Member:
Scott Filmer

Committee Member:

Tegan Burton

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Michael Treanor