Amazon Giftcards

Dois coelhos numa so - A gift that gives twice

Heard of Oxfam unwrapped? Well here is PAWA's very own unwrapped.

With our 'Equip the Amazon' donation program there's no need to hunt around the department stores and you will be safe from that awkward feeling you get from giving an unwanted gift. Most importantly, your gift will help support protected area workers in the biggest and one of the most valuable rainforests of the world - the Amazon.

When you donate $5 or more to the 'Equip the Amazon' project your donation goes straight to programs on the ground in the Amazon. In return we will send you a card for your own gift recipient, explaining how their special gift is fighting deforestation. And that's exactly how you can give a gift to the Amazon and to a friend at the same time.  

Support the efforts of protected area workers in the Amazon, Brazil and help save the rainforest one gift at a time.

To arrange your donation and gift card, please download the PAWA order form



You nominate the donation per card and to who you want the card sent,
minimum $5.00 per card, and PAWA will arrange for its delivery.

It's the gift that gives twice, your nominee recieves a unique giftcard and
100% of your donation goes to the "Equip the Amazon" project.

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