Rangers: holding the thin green line

Profiles of Rangers from around the world...the face of the Thin Green Line; the people who protect the most special places of this planet against the forces of development, encroachment, poaching, climate change and more; that threatens these places very existence


  Thomas Rodstol - Norway - I have been in the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate for 5 years. I am responsible for Reinheimen National Park, 6 surrounding landscape protected areas and a number of smaller Nature Reserves...read Thomas's full profile
  Abdala Mbanganike - Tanzania - I am a District Game Scout/Ranger working in Southern Tanzania. I have been doing this job for 10 years. I became a Ranger after being sponsored by GTZ...read Abdala's full profile
  Eric Keidge - Australia - I am a Field Officer in Garigal and Ku-Ring-Gai National Parks, I have worked in this role for 10 years. The special values of the parks I work in are Aboriginal Cultural sites, ranked in the 5 top rock art precincts in Australia...read Eric's full profile
  Holly North - Australia - I have been a Ranger for 6 years and with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) for 14 years. After 3 weeks volunteering and contract filmmaking for NPWS, I knew this was the job for me....read Hollys full profile
  Kaiya Donovan - Australia - I am the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Research Officer in the Counrty, Culture & Heritage Division of the Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW. My research consentrates on the NSW Aboriginal community & the role culture camps have in maintaining the connection to country by accessing significant protected areas and undertaking traditional cultural practices....read Kaiyas full profile
  Osvaldo Gajardo - Chile - I am currently working in Brazil, where I'm living for familt reasons & to conduct postgraduate studies in environmental management. I co-ordinate a project that disseminates information on the role of Rangers, contributing to the official recognition of professional & developing training and exchange opportunities, the project is called "Rangers In Action".....read Osvaldos full profile
  Robyn Molsher - Australia - I am the Wildlife Management Officer for the Dept of Environment& Natural Resources on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. My day to day role is mostly staff and program management....read Robyns full profile
  Helen Achurch - Australia - I am the Ranger In Charge, Macquarie Island Nature Reserve, Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service. I have been here on & off for 3 years. Due to the islands remoteness, postings are 1 year’s duration. The reserve has World Heritage Area status, is a Biosphere Reserve & listed on the Register of the National Estate....read Helens full profile
  Krissie Clark - Tanzania - I work in various places throughout Tanzania. I am the Executive Director of the PAMS Foundation, my work centres on community managed wildlife areas. Much of Tanzania’s wildlife exists outside formally protected areas....read Krissie's full profile
  Issa Ndomondo -Tanzania - I am Issa, I work in Southern Tanzania in the Namtumbo District as the Acting District Game Officer. I started 10 years ago, I volunteered for 8 years & I now receive a small salary....read Issa's full profile
  Megan Bowden - Australia - After completing a Bachelor of Science in Forestry, various volunteer & temporary jobs with the NPWS, I was successful in gaining a Rangers position based at Kosciuszko National Park (Kosi). Always wanted to be a Ranger or Forester, loved the bush, plants and animals. Always wanted to work at Kosci & got it 1st placement & haven’t left....read Megan's full profile
  Jess Herder - Australia - I am an Aboriginal Heritage Conservation Officer. Australian Aboriginal culture is considered the oldest living cultural history in the world. I have been working for this Department since 2002. I have the responsibility to record, protect & assess sites, objects & places of cultural significance to Aboriginal communities....read Jess's full profile
  Greg Wallace - Australia - I am the Ranger for Ngambaa Nature Reserve & 6 other reserves. The Reserve conserves a large area of dry forest vegetation communities close to the coast & has a large number of rare & threatened fauna & flora species. It also contains landscapes & sites of significance to local Aboriginal communities. I have been in this job for 9 years, however, I started working as a ranger in 1993....read Greg's full profile
  Olalla Martinez - Argentina - I have been a ranger for 11 years, for the last 6 years I’ve been working at Quebrada del Condorito National Park, in the province of Córdoba. I am in charge of the Achala Operative Center, the main tourist area of the park....read Olalla's full profile
  Asiwefe Tiriyo - Brazil - I work for ACT Brasil in Macapa, in the State of Amapa, Brazil. My position is ‘Tecnico’. I have worked 4½ years here in ‘Parque Indigena Do Tumucumaque’, it is well known as an area full of complexity. I wanted to be a ranger in order to improve thinking about the form of protection of our land; the identity of the people & all that exists & lives within it....read Asiwefe's full profile